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About Us

Welcome to ZuNa Naturals. We're excited to have you visit our online store! I first made soap with my friend in 2019 as a baby shower gift for my stepdaughter and our sweet grandson-to-be.   I loved the process and the creativity it allowed me and have continued to make soap for friends and family ever since.

Eventually I was making more soap than we could use, so I decided to start a business and expand the line to include scrubs and butters.  ZuNa Naturals both started and continues with love and a splash of fun.

What's in a name?

Before our first grandson was born, my husband and I were asked what we would like him to call us. I said Nana, and and my husband decided on ZaZu. ZuNa is a combination of the two and is an extension of our new lives as grandparents.

What's in our soap?

Maybe I should start with what's not in our soap: Our soap is free of synthetic detergents and our scents come from essential oils and quality fragrances that are free of sulfate, phthalate, and propylene glycol. We do NOT use animal fat. All testing is done on my husband... You can determine if that's cruel or not.  ;-)

All of our soap is made by combining vegetable oils and butters with sodium hydroxide which, through a process called saponification, turns the oils and butters into soap. 

For those interested in the science of saponification, I encourage you to visit this website:

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