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When my brothers and I were young, my mother Susan Warnecke created simply the BEST stuffed creatures for us.  She called them Meeps and they came in a few different sizes, one quite large. My brother Mathew Warnecke is now making Mom's Meeps and the family couldn't be happier!!!!  


We really could use our imagination with these stuffies since they weren't prescribed with a specific identity or gender; they were whatever we wanted at the time.  This is now called "open-ended play" and it's great for children.  Open-ended play encourages children to explore and create without specific rules or objectives, fostering their imagination and creativity.


Many years later my mother started a poem about the Meeps and I want to share it with you:


One windy day in the middle of a cloud

An Eep is formed and yells aloud


After falling from the sky

A passerby says, hi, what’s your name?

Me Eep!

And the passerby said, hi Meep 


We hope you'll enjoy the Meep just as we did (and continue to do).  This item is made with much love and we trust you'll sense this when you have a Meep in your hand!



Me Eep

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